Drala is a Tibetan Buddhist term that means to be of basic goodness in the world. We believe that enterprises and entrepreneurs have a responsibility to contribute value to humanity; to improve human prosperity in some capacity.

The [RE]DESIGN Group aims to always operate from this place of basic goodness. As such, a percentage of our profits go to The Drala Project Global Impact Fund, where we engage in micro-missions in emerging countries and in our community.

Current Initiatives


01/12/2017: The Drala Project Partners with Reading Opens Minds

We are proud to announce that The Drala Project is sponsoring the next book club series for Reading Opens Minds. Our first mission is one of contribution, purchasing the books from their Amazon wish list that will support the next series of book clubs across Los Angeles. Most participants of Reading Opens Minds have never owned a new book.

There isn't a more empowering quality to develop in our opinion than "learning how to learn".  Learning to read is the first step - it alters your perspective, brings new ideas into awareness, inspires your imagination and maintains the curiosity needed to become the creator of your own reality.  The more we read, the more our consciousness expands. A more conscious world, one that recognizes our interdependencies, will be a better one. As the late Jim Rohn would say, "stand guard at the door of your mind". He is right, what you read will often determine what you become. In this mission with Reading Opens Minds, we hope to inspire others to continue to be curious and to become the best version of themselves.