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Joe Sanginario

As the Founder and CEO of The [RE]DESIGN Group, my focus is first on exceeding the expectations of our employees and contractors. I care most about providing meaningful work and an opportunity to engage with the world in a unique and empowering way. Secondly, to exceed the expectations of our customers and strategic business partners. Our philosophy is to stay curious. To understand what’s essential to each industry, company, business unit and individual. To determine where we can create value with technology and help achieve what’s possible. It’s about your agenda, not ours. We are grateful to have an opportunity to ask meaningful questions, provide our best recommendations, help manage complexity and inspire innovation within the enterprise. Our objective is to ensure that every activity we engage in, is a step towards building a long term successful partnership. Lastly, we believe in having social responsibility and creating a platform that's focused on improving human prosperity. A percentage of our profits are invested into our global impact fund, The Drala Project, where we help connect future business leaders to problems worth solving.

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Conrado Niemeyer

I am a passionate technologist who believes people and technology will solve the world's greatest problems.  My exciting career has taken me through a wide range of technology areas and led to a diverse skill set in areas including application development, system administration, system architecture, cloud technologies, IT consulting, and information security. As the Chief Technology Officer of The [RE]DESIGN Group I bring my experience and expertise to mentor and coach teams of technologists and leverage our combined strength to help people solve problems in every vertical all over the world.  I have a passion for making people and technology work - and welcome all contacts from colleagues, partners, and those looking to join us!

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Stephanie A Montaño

I firmly believe socially conscience business practices and innovative technology based solutions are important drivers for positive change.  As COO and General Counsel of The [RE]DESIGN Group, I help our team continue to think beyond the box and push the boundaries of innovation while navigating the business and legal landscapes.  With a background ranging from advising social entrepreneurs and tech startups to multinational companies – I bring effective legal solutions to a mission driven company in an increasingly connected world.  Additionally, as the Executive Director of The Drala Project, my goal is to effectuate our mission to empower and support social causes in emerging markets and our very own community.  “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” (Neale Donald Walsch) – so let’s keep pushing!

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Eric Larson

I am someone that loves changing the world in positive ways.  Boundless energy paired with unbridled creativity makes me an individual who seeks out problems to solve with "outside-the-box" solutions. My fulfillment comes from challenging the status quo and not only demanding the best out of myself but of those around me. As Vice President of Business Development at The [RE]DESIGN Group my goal is to constantly improve our current systems, develop and foster new branches and capabilities, and seek out meaningful business partners.   The ongoing challenge to explore the world around me in a meaningful way, improve myself, and quest to leave everything I interact with better than I found it has led to incredibly fulfilling experiences both personally and professionally.

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As Managing Partner at The [RE]DESIGN Group, my focus is primarily on finding new technology and workflow solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry. My experience as an executive leading product development teams at Technicolor and Deluxe has allowed me to truly understand the needs of our M&E clients and how [RE]DESIGN can best enable their objectives by being the technology partner of the future.  I feel a desire to give back to the entertainment community  as well and currently serve as Chair of the ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council's Motion Imaging Workflow Committee,  I am active in ACES education and enlightenment, and a member of theASC's UHD/HDR and VR Committees as well as HPA/SMPTE and DCS.

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Zach Mahon

As Senior Solutions Architect at The [RE]DESIGN Group, I seek to bring human centered design thinking and a passion for technology to our clients and partners.

With a diverse background in systems architecture and administration, network design and implementation, MPAA/CDSA/Marvel security standards, and visual effects workflows, I leverage my experience to meet the unique challenges of our clients.

With every interaction, I aim to offer a new approach, listen and adapt, and in doing so we hope to remain your business and technology partner of the future.

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Steve Morgan

As a Senior Solutions Architect at The [RE]DESIGN Group, my primary focus is on R&D and workflow optimization in conjunction with the documentation required for the Media & Entertainment industry.  I have served in engineering roles at several companies who are focused in rich media workflows including image capture and processing, transcoding, storage, networking, transmissions, and archival.  I am currently an active member of SMPTE.

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Robert Boucini

As a Senior Account Executive at The [RE]DESIGN Group, I am an outside the box thinker, that believes collaboration and trust are key components to success and well-being.  I enjoy taking complex problems and breaking them down into their simplest form to structure a plan to efficiently derive the best results.  I enjoy learning new skills and taking steps into the unknown as it helps me grow, learn, and stay humble all while keeping life exciting.  I enjoy meeting new people, staying curious and learning more about what life has to offer. 

“How can you know what you're capable of if you don't embrace the unknown?”

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Farzad (FUZZ) Namdjoo

As a Technical Director at The [RE]DESIGN Group, my focus is on optimizing pipeline workflows for the Media & Entertainment Industry.  As a visual effects artist I continually ask ‘why’ when it comes to pipeline issues because ultimately I am driven to help people increase their quality of life by having the pipeline technology help them, not hinder them.  From my curious nature and enjoyment of helping my colleagues, I have matured into a technical artist.  Prior to joining The [RE]DESIGN Group, I have served as an artist, trainer, supervisor, and technical director.

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wade polo

I am passionate about technology and automation, and how they impact our future. My background is in large-scale render farm management. As a Solutions Architect at The [RE]DESIGN Group, I utilize my passions and background to improve people's lives by creating efficiency in the work place. From troubleshooting printers, to deploying data center hardware, I take pride in my work and strive to learn something new from every experience.

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Jeckson Edmilao

One of my professional passions has always been focused on the “User”- thinking of ways to enhance their experience and productivity. For the most part, we usually see technology being used to focus on optimizing tasks. Though this is a great goal unto itself, this is also incomplete. I believe in also putting more emphasis on the people behind getting those tasks done. 

As Client Technology Services Coordinator, I am dedicated to elevating the User-Experience - allowing the users to achieve better efficiency and effectiveness. My next goal, is to improve the channels of communication and collaboration between users.

Laura Russo

Laura Russo

With a background primarily in performing arts and media production, I bring a unique blend of skills to my role as Director of Marketing at The [RE]DESIGN Group.

I love to use my imagination to communicate complex ideas to an audience, and have learned that collaborating amongst a diverse group of creative minds produces the most meaningful results. That's why I feel privileged to work with such a talented, intelligent group of people in pursuit of a worthy mission.

My favorite part of my job is producing events like The Porch. I’m passionate about bridging the gap between artists and technologists, so facilitating the sharing of ideas, challenges, and information, and helping people forge new relationships across different disciplines brings me great joy.