Production and Post have been migrating from industry-specific technologies and workflows requiring expensive brick and mortar facilities to highly agile operations which can be located anywhere, scale up instantly and feature talent available globally.  The sea change happening in our industry demands efficiency in an industry which has grown from cottage to global in reach.

[RE]DESIGN_STUDIO is focused on media and entertainment; developing unique partnerships with media technology companies, and leveraging resources that understand complex post production workflow.  Our expert team and coalition is comprised of industry experts who understand our craft and can help you build and manage your world quickly, cost-effectively and securely.


[RE]DESIGN_For Stability

  • Production needs to run smoothly, employing rock-solid workflows.  We’ll identify your shoot requirements and build robust, efficient and secure solutions.

POST production

[RE]DESIGN_FOR efficiency

  • Post Editorial and Finishing have been gradually merging as technology advances.  We can help you manage your operation with custom applications which reduce error rates and increase efficiency.
  • Using on-premise, cloud or hybrid cloud topologies, we’ll help you scale up and down as needed, avoiding expensive equipment purchases.
  • We can help enable remote workflows by using PCoIP technology.  Media is never sent to the remote side.  All processing is done at your location, similar to a Virtual Machine, or, in early systems, Mainframes and Terminals.

Global operations

[RE]DESIGN_for Security

  • The world has become a much smaller place as we leverage compute, storage and talent on a global scale.  We can help you build a physical and media movement environment which is both efficient and secure.   We’ll audit, make recommendations and provide remediation as needed.