Virtual & Augmented Reality will be the newest and possibly most popular medium of experience, extending from media and entertainment to all areas of our lives.  No industry will be left untouched - from medical, education, tourism, manufacturing, advertising and many others.

[RE]DESIGN_VR’s objective is to provide a coalition of partners that can help organizations understand how virtual reality may be leveraged to transform internal business process, and communicate to customers in a new and unique way.  We take "lense-to-lense" approach ensuring that you can capture, edit, and deliver VR content to your customers quickly, cost effectively, and securely.


[RE]DESIGN_For DIstribution

  • Proprietary VR distribution app focused on securely delivering professional content.


[RE]DESIGN_FOR End to end services

  • Through our coalition of companies and unique partnerships, we bring you best in class virtual/augmented reality production services including full production, post, delivery, and hosting.


[RE]DESIGN_for the big picture

  • Through our Production IT/R&D and Studio teams, the [RE]DESIGN Group offers consulting, reselling, integration, professional and managed services so you don't need to manage the complexity of multiple vendors.