joe sanginario 

Founder & CEO @[RE]DESIGN_IT & The Drala Project

Advisor @ Sonik Pass & SRVE 

Board Member @ Seviniti 

As the Founder and CEO of [RE]DESIGN_IT, my focus is first on exceeding the expectations of our employees and contractors. I care most about providing meaningful work and an opportunity to engage with the world in a unique and empowering way. Secondly, to exceed the expectations of our customers and strategic business partners. Our philosophy is to stay curious. To understand what’s essential to each industry, company, business unit and individual. To determine where we can create value with technology and help achieve what’s possible. It’s about your agenda, not ours. We are grateful to have an opportunity to ask meaningful questions, provide our best recommendations, help manage complexity and inspire innovation within the enterprise. Our objective is to ensure that every activity we engage in, is a step towards building a long term successful partnership. Lastly, we believe in having social responsibility and creating a platform that's focused on improving human prosperity. A percentage of our profits are invested into our global impact fund, The Drala Project, where we help connect future business leaders to problems worth solving. 

“The future belongs to the curious”