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The [RE]DESIGN Group is an innovation focused business and technology consulting firm. We believe that great innovation starts first with developing curiosity. We leverage a “human centric” design thinking approach to solving complex business problems, determining what is absolutely essential and creating a vision of the future that’s attainable. With a fourth industrial revolution approaching, digitization and democratization will transform every major industry. In the next six years, organizations will need to [RE]DESIGN their business models and technology services to remain competitive in the market place. Our mission is to help enterprises tap into the new digital supply chain by thinking differently about cybersecurity, hybrid cloud strategies and the emergence of the industrial internet. Through our talented network, partnerships with emerging technology providers and our security as a service offerings, we are positioned to be a business partner that’s ready for what’s next.

The Drala Project

Our Ultimate Mission.

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Traditional enterprise IT.

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What's next.

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